James (Jim) Platt was born in Port Isaac in 1939, and grew up in the village, living there until 1957 when he left Cornwall to follow a working career. The village of Port Isaac on the coast of picturesque North Cornwall is the direct focus of three of the five Creighton Books titles authored by Jim to date, in which books the Port Isaac people and their way of life in the late 1940s are celebrated and commemorated.

Jim studied in the Royal School of Mines at Imperial College London from 1957 to 1960, from which he graduated with a degree in mining geology. He worked as a professional mining geologist, travelling to and residing in many parts of the world for the 41 subsequent years between 1960 and his retirement in 2001. His experiences of the ups and downs of working in wild, remote, unusual and off-the-beaten-track places form the subject matter of his other two books.

He was married to Maria, his beloved wife of 44 years, in what was then Southern Rhodesia (the present day Zimbabwe) in 1964. Maria, the bright and shining inspiration behind Creighton Books and Jim's writing, and golden pillar of his life, passed away in 2008 after an extended illness. They were residents of Voorschoten in the Netherlands from 1979 to date. Jim and Maria have three children, two of whom live in the United Kingdom, and one of whom lives in Australia.

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