The 75 photos listed below are of places described in East of Varley Head and South of Lobber Point. Click on the boxes below (or the buttons on the left) to access the four pages of photos. You can click on individual photos to enlarge them.

List of photos

1. View of the lower village, Town Platt and foreshore as seen from Roscarrock Hill.
2. The village and harbour as seen from Lobber Field.
3. The beach at Port Gaverne.
4. The harbour, with the breakwaters and Lobber Cliff.
5. Fore Street, with Church Hill in the background.
6. The harbour entry as seen from Lobber Point.
7. Church Hill, with the primary school and harbour in the background.
8. The Terrace.
9. Port Quin harbour at high tide.
10. The church at St Endellion.
11. St Peter’s church, Port Isaac, as seen from Trewetha Lane.
12. The interior of St. Peter’s church.
13. Lower New Road and the Church Rooms.
14. The harbour, with the primary school on the left
15. Downtown Port Isaac.
16. The harbour at low tide.
17. The breakwaters at low tide.
18. The harbour.
19. The school viewed across the harbour from the allotments below Khandalla.
20. The Town Platt at high tide.
21. Upper Fore Street, with Canadian Terrace on the left.
22. Lower New Road with Tre-Pol-Pen Hotel.
23. Khandalla and Lobber viewed across the harbour from Fore Street.
24. Pawlyn’s fish cellars and the Town Platt.
25. Rough seas at Lobber Point.
26. View of Varley Head looking across Port Gaverne’s Castle Rock, with the Port Isaac Terrace on the skyline.
27. Port Gaverne, viewed from the south.
28. Port Gaverne, viewed from the north.
29. The bell tower at St Endellion church.
30. Temple Bar, looking from Fore Street through to Dolphin Street.
31. The breakwaters viewed from the locality of Hillson’s Dump.
32. A herring gull on the Pentice wall in Fore Street.
33. Lower Dolphin Street.
34. The Port Isaac valley.
35. The “New” council houses in Hartland Road.
36. The Port Gaverne valley.
37. The Port Gaverne Main and Headlands Hotel.
38. The Trefreock valley above Pine Awn.
39. The entry to the harbour.
40. The outer harbour cliff and a view of Port Isaac Bay looking towards Tintagel Head.
41. “Grandma’s Chair” on the coat above Port Gaverne.
42. The breakwaters.
43. The western breakwater.
44. Khandalla viewed across the primary school playground and harbour from number 7, Canadian Terrace.
45. The Port Gaverne harbour and slate jetty at low tide.
46. The Port Isaac valley with the Old Mill.
47. The inner dogleg of Hartland Road, with “New” council houses on the left and “Middle” council houses on the right.
48. Downtown Port Isaac, with the spreading estate on the skyline.
49. “CM 1699” inscription on a rock face on the Pine Awn side of Lobber Point.
50. A view from Crowser Cove (foreground) looking east to Lobber Point.
51. Varley Sands in the lee of Varley Head.
52. A front view of Canadian Terrace.
53. The Port Isaac valley at may blossom time.
54. Lower Middle Street looking towards the Town Platt and the harbour.
55. The Port Gaverne Main with Castle Rock and the Gut, Port Isaac Bay and Tintagel Head.
56. Rough seas at Lobber Point looking towards Varley Head.
57. Foxgloves and marguerites at St Illick’s Well near Port Gaverne.
58. A rear view of Canadian Terrace.
59. The Port Isaac Lake (stream) flowing in between Pawlyn’s fish cellars wall and the lifeboat slipway by the Town Platt.
60. Lobber Point, viewed from outside the eastern breakwater.
61. A front view of Canadian Terrace.
62. The Lake at its flush gate alongside Middle Street.
63. Fishermen’s cellars and the Pentice at the head of the harbour.
64. Port Gaverne, viewed from a descent of Port Gaverne hill.
65. Upper Fore Street.
66. A rear view of numbers 6 and 7 Canadian Terrace, looking towards Khandalla.
67. Rough seas at the harbour entrance.
68. The Port Gaverne Main and Castle Rock.
69. Port Isaac bay viewed across the Port Gaverne Main and Castle Rock.
70. A front view of Canadian Terrace.
71. The harbour at high tide.
72. The lower Trefreock valley and Pine Awn in the springtime.
73. The lower Trefreock valley and Pine Awn in the autumn.
74. A stile on the overland footpath to Roscarrock and Port Quin from Port Isaac.
75. Fishermen’s cellars and the Pentice at the head of the harbour